11 dry mill ethanol plants are currently in operation in Kansas producing about 440 million gallons per year. Current Kansas production creates a market for about 157 million bushels of sorghum and corn. The two grains are interchangeable in the ethanol-making process.One-third of the grain used for ethanol returns to the food stream as wet or dry distillers grains (DDGS), a valued, high-nutrient livestock feed. Kansas’ ethanol plants bring millions of dollars of revenue and economic development to Kansas and the rural communities where they are located.

•A single bushel of field corn yields 2.8 gallons of fuel ethanol and 17.5 pounds of high-protein distillers dried grain for livestock feed.

•E-10, the most common blend, can be used in every make and model vehicle sold in America.

•E-85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, can be used only in flexible fuel vehicles—and there are more than 6 million on the road today.

•Every barrel of American-made ethanol produced directly displaces 1.2 barrels of crude oil.

•Ethanol use reduces carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and other ozone-forming pollutants.

•And it’s true: Industry demand for corn has helped bolster low corn prices, allowing growers to earn a very modest, market-based profit on their crop.

Ethanol, which consumed 25 percent of the corn crop in 2008, is expected to consume about one-third of the crop over the next ten years, according to a USDA forecast.

Ethanol production is not just about keeping the American grower up and running. It’s about keeping all of America good to go with a fuel that makes sense. And with the improved quality and quantity of today’s corn crop, it’s possible to meet the demands of the road without taking food from the table.


Kansas Ethanol Plant Production Capacity
Plant Plant Location Capacity Bushels of Grain Used
Kansas Ethanol LLC
1630 Avenue Q
Lyons, KS 67554
Ph: 620-257-2300 
Lyons 55 MGY 19.6 million
70 Road
Scandia, Kansas
Scandia 10 MGY 3.6 million
Arkalon Energy (Conestoga)
Highway 54
Hayne, KS (near Liberal) 
Hayne 110 MGY 39 million
Bonanza Bioenergy (Conestoga)
2830 E. U.S. Highway 50
Garden City, KS
620-624-2901 (Headquarters) 
Garden City 55 MGY 19.6 million
White Energy-Russell
1224 E. 15th
Russell, Kansas 67665
Russell 48 MGY 17.2 million
Prairie Horizon Agri Energy
205 F Street
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Phillipsburg 40 MGY 14.3 million
Western Plains Energy
3022 County Road 18
Oakley, Kansas 67748
Campus 45 MGY 16.1 million
East Kansas Agri Energy
1304 S. Main
Garnett, KS 66032
Garnett 35 MGY 12.5 million
Abengoa Bio-Energy
523 E Union Ave
Colwich, KS
(316) 796-1234 
Colwich 25 MGY 8.9 million
Reeve Agri-Energy
PO Box 1036
Garden City, KS 67849
Garden City 15 MGY 5.4 million
ESE Alcohol
PO Box 813
Leoti, KS 67861
Leoti 1.5 MGY .5 million
TOTAL Kansas 439.5 MGY 157 million bushels

*MGY: Million gallons per year


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